The Coverdoors® company, since its foundation in 1994 until today, has been engaged in the manufacturing of interior and security doors.

Having had a successful activity in the Greek market, and having established its products, while adopting its corporate identity, it obtained the copyright of its trademark in 2010. The trademark, No. 207312, was copyrighted by the Ministry of Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping.

Having as main aims the manufacturing of high quality products and the complete customer satisfaction, Coverdoors® moves towards branded product so that the origins can be identified by the customer.

This is accomplished with the company’s brand appearring on a subtle yet distinctive point. Specifically, Coverdoors® authenticity logo appears above the internal part of the lock of each door.


That way, the customer can be certain that the door delivered to them has been exclusively manufactured by Coverdoors®. The customer can now be sure that:

  • They have invested in an original Greek product
  • The final product has been manufactured with certified and of high quality raw materials
  • Safety is of the utmost importance
  • The product is ergonomically designed considering the needs of the customer and environmentally friendly
  • Varnishing’s are water-soluble and incombustible
  • Two-component polyurethane adhesives are being used, to meet the requirements of high humidity places, such as islands, but also  areas with high or very low temperatures